The HydroGenesis is an ingenious little device. In a nutshell, the Hydro-Gen separates hydrogen gas from the natural hydrogen-oxygen mix in ordinary tap water (i.e. H²O). It then adds the resulting extracted hydrogen to the conventional air mix in a vehicle engine (e.g. gasoline, diesel, etc.) thus supplementing the expensive fuel with an additional low-cost (i.e. free) supplement - the hydrogen extracted from the free tap water.

Here're the summary claims for HydroGenesis

Better Gass Mileage

HydroGenesis users report an average 21% improvement in their fuel mileage. (Savings like that at the gas pump will add up very quickly).

More Efficient Engine

HydroGenesis will reduce carbon build-up in your engine thus allowing it to run more efficiently. (Less carbon build-up means more horsepower).

Reduced Air Pollution

HydroGenesis will reduce polluting carbon emissions from your engine. (You’ll be doing your part to reduce global warming).