The HydroGenesis is an ingenious little device. In a nutshell, the Hydro-Gen separates hydrogen gas from the natural hydrogen-oxygen mix in ordinary tap water (i.e. H²O). It then adds the resulting extracted hydrogen to the conventional air mix in a vehicle engine (e.g. gasoline, diesel, etc.) thus supplementing the expensive fuel with an additional low-cost (i.e. free) supplement - the hydrogen extracted from the free tap water.


We’ve been manufacturing and marketing HydroGenesis long enough by now that we have a pretty fair idea of the main questions that will come to your mind as you read this info-page.
So, following is a quick Q & A session that I believe should address most of your major concerns.

Q1: Why hydrogen? What’s so special about hydrogen?

A1: Hydrogen is considered a near-perfect energy carrier. It has many advantages over conventional fuels: it is non-toxic, it is renewable, clean to use, it’s cheap, and it produces much more energy per pound. Hydrogen is considered the fuel of choice for energy-efficiency. As stated above, it burns very cleanly and doesn’t produce carbon dioxide pollutants.

One of the most exciting things about hydrogen is that it is virtually cost free since one can extract hydrogen from ordinary tap water. You just have to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen in the water, and use both in your engine. With the Hydro-Gen all you do is add a few tablespoons of lye as an electrolyte, and you’re on your way to great fuel savings.

Q2: How exactly does the HydroGenesis Work?

A2: How the HydroGenesis works is actually pretty ingenious. The unit sends an electric charge through a liquid electrolyte comprised of water and Lye which causes the hydrogen molecules to separate from the oxygen molecules in the water. It then captures the hydrogen and channels it into the engine via the air intake system.

The principle is diabolically simple, really. The introduction of this second fuel actually reduces the engine’s need for the primary fuel.

Q3: Will it work in your vehicle?

A3: The HydroGenesis will work in virtually any conventional motor vehicle. If your car or truck has an internal combustion engine that burns gasoline or diesel fuel, the HydroGenesis will work -- new or old, any make or model. And, it doesn’t matter if you if you have an older carburetor-based fuel system or a newer fuel-injection system, the HydroGenesis will work. Really!

The reason why the HydroGenesis will work in ANY vehicle with an internal combustion engine is because it channels the hydrogen fuel mix through the existing air intake system on the engine, via the standard air intake hose or air cleaner. So, there are no modifications to the current engine required. You just “plug” the HydroGenesis into the existing air intake system and you’re all set to go.

Some folks have even installed the HydroGenesis on boats and yachts. Why not, as long as they have gas or diesel internal combustion engines?

Q4: Is the HydroGenesis hard to install? Can I install it myself?

A4: Anyone with basic mechanical skills can install the HydroGenesis. If you’re a handyman or tinkerer, installing the unit should be a piece of cake. With your HydroGenesis kit you will receive full installation instructions including diagrams and a parts checklist. Unlike other such products, with the HydroGenesis you get everything you need for installation in the basic kit. And, installing the unit does not require any modifications to your engine, you just connect it into the existing system.

You can get someone else install it if you like. If you’re not mechanically inclined, or you just don’t have the time, you can easily get someone to install the HydroGenesis in your vehicle for you. As a test, we had a friend take a unit to his mechanic for installation on his car and the mechanic charged an hour’s labor.

Q5: Does HydroGenesis Require Any Maintenance?

A5: In winter months you must ad alcohol.

Q6: Does HydroGenesis Come With After-Sales Support?

A6: Yes, we pride ourselves in giving timely after-sales support. We try to answer all e-mails within a couple of hours, and 24 hours at the absolute most. We believe in the HydroGenesis because we know it works, and we want it to work for you so you can reap all of the benefits. As the inventor and manufacturer of the HydroGenesis , I am directly tied into the customer support/service loop, so most advice or information that you get from us will be straight from “the horse’s mouth” with no middle-men to get the message garbled.

As a HydroGenesis owner you will have access to special support e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

Q7: Does the HydroGenesis come with a guarantee?

A7: Yes, HydroGenesis comes with a full money-back guarantee.
Every Hydro-Gen unit is made of high-quality materials and is thoroughly inspected and tested before it is sent out, so defects will be rare.

Nevertheless, should you find a defect or a malfunctioning unit we fully guarantee our materials and workmanship. So, if for any reason your HydroGenesis unit is defective in any way, contact us and we will send you a new unit or required replacement parts by express post at our expense.

The government does not allow us to make specific guarantees regarding the actual mileage savings you will receive while using the HydroGenesis . That depends on various factors including: the operating characteristics of your particular vehicle, the type of driving done (i.e. city vs. highway), your personal style of driving, etc.

Nevertheless, should you find that the HydroGenesis does not perform for you as claimed, we will refund your money. So, if you have installed the HydroGenesis on your vehicle in accordance with the installation instructions and you believe that you are not receiving any fuel savings, send the unit back to us and we’ll give you a full refund of the purchase price.